Hosting Kosi

Kosi is offering satsang around the world wherever she is invited. Please let us know if you are interested in hosting Kosi in you local area by filling out the notice of hosting support form below.

If you would like to host Kosi, the following bullets summarize what we would need your help with:

  • Help locate and coordinate an appropriate venue for satsang and/or retreat that Kosi is offering. Sometimes all that is needed is a large livingroom.
  • Help find email lists in the area that could let people know about an upcoming visit from Kosi.
  • Be willing to let Kosi stay in your home or recommend and help coordinate a place for Kosi to stay.
  • If you’re in a non-English-speaking country, we’d need your help either translate or find a translator for satsangs and retreats with Kosi.

Would you like to host Kosi ?

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