Kosi is a teacher and author who offers a simple invitation to stop and discover the freedom that you are. In June of 2001, a deep and abiding prayer led her to Gangaji who introduced her to the profound teaching and transmission of Ramana Maharshi.
She is a graduate of Virginia Tech and had a successful career, but was surprised that her financial success offered no lasting happiness or fulfillment and her spiritual search began in 1996. She was ordained as Minister in a large public ceremony by Reverend Matthew Garrigan on June 6, 1999 at Radiant Light Ministries in San Francisco—a multi-faith church that emphasized the non-dual teachings of Baba Muktananda and Sri Sai Baba.
After her ordination she spent a great deal of time studying with some of the world's most renown spiritual teachers—The Dalai Lama, Sogyal Rinpoche, and Gurumayi—to name a few, but soon realized she couldn't get close enough to ask any questions and prayed for a master that she could speak with.  A few days later she was introduced to Gangaji and the life changing teaching of Ramana Maharshi.
Even though Ramana recognized there is no need for a lineage due to the simple fact that silence and self-inquiry reveals the living truth in your own heart—the one and only Satguru—Kosi realizes, based her experience with Gangaji, that the teacher, teaching, and lineage offer essential support for breaking free of the powerful limitations of the egoic mind. From the moment she met Gangaji, Kosi has been a deeply devoted student and recognizes her relationship with Gangaji as divinely ordained. In 2002, Gangaji sent her a letter encouraging her to offer satsang. The guidance of Gangaji for over twelve years is the foundation for the satsangs Kosi is now offering around the world. 

Since her very first meeting with Gangaji in June of 2001, Kosi felt that she was her true and final teacher, but this unexpectedly changed with the mysterious appearance of her Holiness Sri Amma Karunamayi who is recognized throughout India and the world as a living saint an Avatar—one who is born enlightened as the embodiment of the Divine Mother. Kosi received shaktipat initiation from Amma in July of 2011 and views the purity of Ramana Maharshi's silence and self-inquiry combined with Amma's indescribable omniscience and support, as well as the continuous and long-term support that she received from Gangaji, as the teaching and transmission that offers true Liberation.

Kosi's birth name is Jill Warner, but in Tiruvanammalai India she received the name Kosi as a sacred transmission of the purest teaching of Ramana Maharshi. She feels that this name, like all spiritual names, serves to reveal that the illusory power of our personal identity, or the name given to us at birth, can hide the living freedom that is alive in our own heart.  The name Kosi also has spiritual significance associated with the Kosi River in India and serves to remind you of the simple ordinary joy of life, the essence of your true nature—laughter—a reminder not to take life too seriously. 

Kosi is the author of three books: Absence of Doubt, The Secret Teaching of Jesus Christ, and Arunachala Siva—Heart of Ramana. She is outrageous, loves life, loves to laugh, loves to make inspirational videos, write books, and she is offering you her support for your own Self-discovery.

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