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Kosi is a Direct Path Advaita Vedanta (non-dual) teacher in the Gotra (lineage) Kasyapa (all of creation). She has been a deeply devoted student of Gangaji since 2001, but her guide and guru is Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi and her Holiness Sri Amma Karunamayi the world-renown Saint and Avatar of Andra Pradesh India. Kosi has devoted her life to ending global suffering and travels the world sharing her direct experience of the freedom, peace and laughter that is forever present, alive, here and now in the core of your being.


Kosi offers support for what is known as self-realization or total liberation from the suffering nature of the egoic and genetic mind. Her primary focus is ending suffering using the simplicity, immediacy and grace of self-inquiry as demonstrated, taught and transmitted by Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi. The three primary aspects of this teaching are satsang (self-inquiry), silence (meditation), and sound (mantra), which provide essential support for the direct discovery of the lasting happiness and natural fulfillment of your true nature.

This teaching is very intimate, potent, and supports ending the negative relationship that you have with your mind. It simply ends suffering by deeply examining how you suffer, which suspends the activity of mind long enough for a direct realization of the peace and freedom that is simply always here. Her teaching is deeply supported by the omniscient grace of Sri Ramana Maharshi and Sri Amma Karunamayi.


In 1997, Kosi, then Jill Warner, had a profound mystical experience of Jesus Christ and was ordained minister on June 6, 1999 by Radiant Light Ministries, which was a multi-faith church in San Francisco. The primary emphasis of this church was the non-dual teachings of Sri Baba Muktananda and Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Radiant Light Ministries also emphasized the teachings of Ernest Holmes, who is the founder of The Science of Mind movement, Charles and Myrtle Filmore, founders of the spiritual movement Unity, and Mary Baker Eddy who was the founder of Christian Science. After her ordination Kosi spent time studying with the Dalai Lama, Sogyal Rinpoche, and Gurumayi Chidvilasananda.

In July of 2001, a few days after a prayer led her to Gangaji, she gave her life to Sri Ramana Maharshi. In December of 2010, she received the name Kosi as a divine transmission of the eternal grace and living presence of Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi. Only four months after receiving this name, she was introduced to her Holiness Sri Amma Karunamayithe world-renowned Saint and Avatar of Andra Pradesh India. She continues to view her relationship with Gangaji as divinely ordained, but her life was forever transformed in July of 2011 when she received shaktipat initiation from Sri Amma Karunamayi. This initiation marked the advent of an inexplicable realization of the clear awareness that continues to deepen and expand under the omniscient guidance of her beloved spiritual guide and guruher Holiness Sri Amma Karunamayi.

Early Life

Kosi was born Jill L Warner in Pennsylvania in the United States. She grew up in the suburbs of McLean Virginia. She was deeply influenced by the life and career of her aunt, Gertrude (Trudy) Warner, who was a well known radio star in New York City in the 1930's and 1940's. Her famous aunt inspired her to pursue degree in Fine Arts and she graduated from Virginia Tech in June of 1982. After college she had a very successful career in computer science, but to her dismay her success offered no lasting happiness or fulfilment and her spiritual quest began in earnest during the summer of 1996. This quest led her to many of the world's most renown spiritual teachers and she is now teaching around the world wherever she is invited.

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"A truly unexpected bonus! Great depth of Presence, which allowed for investigation deep within the heart. I am surprised & grateful for the exploration, which happened within satsang."

- Graham, Dublin Ireland

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"Satsang with Kosi is better than drugs and way cheaper!"

- Gavin, Dublin Ireland

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"A beautiful evening with a beautiful embodiment of pure love. Kosi is bliss personified : )"

- Grainne, Dublin Ireland

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"Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm very grateful that Kosi has entered my life with such clarity and wisdom."

- Alice, Prague Czech Republic

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"I was never ever expecting that God will come into my life during the Clear Way retreat. It was really for me a huge deepening ...God has taken this life... the search for freedom is off. Everything is already here!"

- Jose, Lausanne Switzerland

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"The Clear Way retreat generated as a deep healing for me. So perhaps it is already said when one sees the change upon my face (shining from within and learning self love too...)?"

- Pearl, Lausanne Switzerland

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"It has been 41 years that I have been looking for the «stop button» in my head and I didn’t even have to push a button, silence came by itself… How did that miracle happened? Kosi said freedom is an organic awakening, nothing to do, call off the search, don’t have to figure it out, if it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone. That's it!"

- Raphaële, Lausanne Switzerland

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