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Dublin Satsang Series

  • Harvest Moon Center 24 Lower Baggot Street Dublin 2 Ireland (map)

Pulling Out the Deep Root of Fear, Anxiety, Doubt, and Self-hatred...

Pulling out the root of self-hatred is essential for discovering your natural happiness.
— Kosi

At the root of every ego, even the most inflated ego, is a deep sense of self-hatred, fear, and anxiety. Pulling out this deeply ingrained root of the ego and genetic mind is essential for freeing yourself from the sadness and self-doubt it consciously and unconsciously generates.

On the spiritual path the great demons of fear, anxiety, doubt, and self-hatred must be fully met in order to break free of the suffering this mis-identification generates. This satsang will take you on a journey of birth, life, and death to the direct and intimate discovery of the source that is free of all forms of suffering.

This satsang opens the door to the most sublime happiness and freedom of your inner being. It represents the beginning of a deeper and deeper exploration of your true nature—the most sublime happiness and freedom.

This satsang is the beginning in a series of satsangs designed to support the deepest dive into the bliss of your true nature...

Satsang is a deep dive into the bliss of your Heart.

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Dublin Satsang Series