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The Sound of Healing

  • Margaret Aylward Centre for Faith and Dialogue Holy Faith Sisters, Old Finglas Road, Glasnevin Dublin 11 Ireland (map)

This unique event is being held by Wisdom Rock Foundation to celebrate the primordial sound AUM which is the sound of the turiya state—or the sound of silence that contains a mysterious power.

Ramana recognized that the primordial sound of AUM correlates to the three primary states of consciousness; waking, dream, and deep sleep. The use of the seed letters a-u-m is a very potent mantra that naturally focuses your attention on the source in the heart. With repeated use the mind falls through the illusory barrier of the ego and surrenders to this unalloyed happiness that defies description. This event was inspired by a powerful occurrence during a Clearway retreat with Kosi which resulted in the group singing the mantra spontaneously in an ancient church. The group members experienced a powerful and indescribable love and peace that they wanted to share with others.

This primal sound has been recognized for centuries as the primordial sound—the sound of the turiya state that surpasses all understanding—this infinitude simply cannot be grasped by the human intellect. Sri Amma Karunamayi, whose birth was prophesied by Sri Ramana, revealed the science and power of the mantra to Kosi in December of 2012. Ancient vedic mantras and songs are essential support for the evolution of your consciousness and are infused with a powerful vibratory silence combined with the potent sounds of sanskrit seed letters that burn through patterns of mind heal the

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