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Book Signing - Organic Awakening by Kosi

  • 100 Monkeys Glastonbury United Kingdom (map)

Kosi will be signing her book "Organic Awakening"

Have you ever wondered why you seem to lose the peace or freedom you discover during a spiritual retreat or satsang? Or why you never seem to find any peace or freedom, even during a spiritual retreat? Or have you ever wondered why, no matter what you’ve done to try and prevent it, old patterns of suffering keep happening over and over again in your life? 

Organic Awakening represents the synthesis of over seventeen years of spiritual practice, deep inquiry, and, since meeting Gangaji in 2001, countless hours spent in satsang with her. During this long and, at times painful, process it became clear that the western perspective of the life and teaching of his Holiness Sri Ramana Maharshi, the world renowned saint of Tiruvannamalai India, is extremely powerful and also deeply flawed. The simple and direct pointing the teaching of Sri Ramana Maharshi represents, provides you with the immediacy of awakening and supports the direct discovery of the freedom in the core of your being. Often, it also leaves you with old and very stubborn patterns of suffering that always seems to re-emerge even after the most profound realizations, or states of bliss. 

Life is painful, and the pain you experience generates sensations, emotions, and thoughts. Most people are not even aware just how much they participate in their suffering. You actually have to practice suffering for it to continue. Usually, your thoughts drift from your circumstances, to your pain, your future, your past, and all of the different strategies you develop to protect yourself, and avoid what you don’t want. You also might endlessly ponder how to get rid of your pain or try to figure out how to stop the endless swirl of thought rolling through your mind. You might even actively engage in the endless process of blaming people in your life about the suffering you are certain that they cause, or the suffering created by unwanted circumstances. Rarely, do you stop and notice that perhaps you are the only one responsible for generating any negativity you might be experiencing. 

Perhaps you’ve been on the spiritual path for a while and have developed various spiritual practices to still or calm your mind. Maybe you meditate and inquire into various emotions in an attempt to stop these never ending movements of your mind. You might have had some success with various practices, but find you only experience moments of bliss. You feel like you found the bliss, or peace, but somehow you always seem to lose it. The natural tendency of your mind is to analyze your experience. You give your attention to your thoughts, emotions, sensations, and stories that emerge in your mind about your pain, your circumstance, the people in your life, and whatever you imagine all of this means about you. Suffering is complicated.

When you are willing to intimately examine how your suffering actually happens, you can see for yourself all the effort involved in your practice of suffering. You have to think, imagine, remember, think some more, project what you are thinking onto the future, or someone else, decide whatever you are thinking and feeling is true, imagine what it means about you, someone else, other people, and your circumstances. Whew, just thinking about the effort involved with suffering is a form of suffering—it is exhausting. Sound familiar?

Organic Awakening gives you real insights into how your suffering actually happens and what it takes to break free of the most stubborn forms of suffering. This book is the Rosetta stone of self-realization that cracks the secret code of self-realization. It provides you with insights that enable you to decipher how your suffering happens and what is required to stop this seemingly endless cycle. As the title suggests, Organic Awakening is a natural effortless process that burns through the very resilient neuro-net of your genetic mind—the root cause of all human suffering.  This is good news, and bad news, it is very simple, but represents the challenge of a lifetime. 

Organic Awakening is a simple pointing to something so nakedly intimate, so close to you, not only is it easily overlooked, it requires an unswerving commitment to that which is always already free of all suffering—that which needs no fixing deep inside of you. Organic Awakening is simple, direct, and ruthless support for anyone who is serious about the indescribable freedom and happiness of full self-realization.

When you are holding Organic Awakening in your hands you are holding the secret and ancient key to your own salvation.

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