Who is Ramana Maharshi?

The Code Breaker of Enlightenment
By Kosi

Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi is a global phenomenon and profound mystery. Even though he left his body in 1950, his teaching is a tidal wave of consciousness that is still flowing around the world revealing the living freedom and happiness of our true nature. The Ramana phenomenon is tied to the simplicity of his teaching and the fact that his awakening and subsequent silence was a shift in consciousness so deep that his awakening is actually still happening right now in your own heart—the living truth that lives eternally in everyone’s heart.

To the mind this might be a strange thing to say—how could Ramana’s awakening still be happening when he awoke in 1895 when he was only sixteen years old? The answer lives in the nature of his awakening. It occurred suddenly as a deep realization in his physical body and awareness when he asked himself the simple question ‘Who dies?’ He describe the realization that unfolded as, ‘not a dull thought, but rather a powerful current’ that ran through his body. 

It was as if this vast energy of God caught him in this timeless realm and from the moment of his awakening he was completely captivated by this inexplicable energy and remained in silence for many years. The energy of this awakening was so intense; it cracked open his heart and mind to a realm that transcends time and space.  His awakening was and is a vibrational force that continues to unfold in the timeless and eternal realm of the heart—your own heart—the heart of all hearts.

Ramana Maharshi is something of an enigma. His life was simple, but the impact of his simplicity is still being felt around the world. He is in effect the code breaker of enlightenment—the great seer and the great revealer of eternal truth. Once you follow Ramana’s gaze deep into your own heart—suddenly a mysterious wisdom arises that lives beyond all knowledge. He is in effect a magnifying glass that reveals the infinite depth of any scripture or spiritual teaching.

In the context of Ramana Maharshi the teachings of the Buddha come to life with an ethereal light, the mystery of the secret teachings of Jesus are revealed, and suddenly the teachings of Moses make perfect sense.  Truly Ramana is the greatest code breaker of all time. His simple teaching represents sudden awakening—an immediate recognition and direct experience of the living freedom that you are in the core of your being. 

In a sense, Ramana Maharshi offers instant enlightenment, but he also reveals just how difficult true enlightenment is and the intense desire required for full self-realization. He is a great light that reveals the living and eternal light that lives in the core of everyone. For me, Ramana Maharshi is the single most important guru who has ever lived.

He is totally and completely radical in that he lights the path of true enlightenment for everyone regardless of his or her role, or path, or religious beliefs. His simple teaching and profound transmission of grace can support anyone in ending their relationships with suffering nature of mind and eternally supports the direct and intimate discovery of the infinite grace of your being.

The process of his awakening was as mysterious as the awakening itself. He would fall into deep states of meditation, so deep that he would lose body consciousness completely and even wake up in locations different when he would fall into this state and have no idea how his body moved to another location.

Over time his egoic identity was absorbed into this great unknowable electrical current of God in the core of his being. His depth of realization was so deep and the current that continuously surged through his body was so strong that he was unable to hold his head still—it constantly was vibrating with this inexplicable current of the purest grace. In fact, this current running through his body was so strong it was and continues to be a visceral experience in the room in which he taught at his ashram in Tiruvannamalai India. 

Ramana Maharshi could remove lifetimes of suffering by a single glance and by placing his hands on a person who was dying—he was able to guide them into final liberation from the karmic wheel of suffering. In fact, this current was so strong he rarely touched anyone—his touch was so potent it could actually kill someone.

It is not just this mysterious power that coursed through his body while he was in physical form—it is the living current that reveals the happiness and freedom in the core of your being. He is the code breaker of eternal life—eternal salvation.

Ramana is the life of the life and the eternal breath of the breath inside your own heart. This is the essence of his name and teaching.


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