The fruits of the practices and insights provided in this course are happiness, joy, love, peace, and a profound sense of well being.
— Kosi

The Clear Way Mastery Course provides you with radical long-term support for your spiritual evolution—the direct discovery of the lasting happiness of your eternal nature. It is designed to provide the essential support for those who are serious about liberation, moksha, or enlightenment—the deep call of the heart for peace and freedom. This course supports a natural evolution of your consciousness. It also provides the necessary support for anyone who feels deeply called to offer satsang.

This course is satsang—an in the moment deep dive into the heart of consciousness. Many different modalities are utilized to support your own direct discovery of your eternal nature—happiness beyond all ideas of happiness. The focus o this course is the application of the profoundly deep and life changing teaching of Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi combined with omniscient support of Sri Amma Karunamayi—the living saint and avatar of Andra Pradesh India.

The fruits of the practices and insights provided in this course are happiness, joy, love, peace, and a profound sense of well being. It represents a radical return to the practices recommended by Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi that support real tangible progress in your spiritual evolution. If you are serious about ending the suffering caused by the many different movements and strategies of your mind the Clear Way provides the essential support for your own direct experience of a radical shift in consciousness—happiness without end—the endless bliss of being.

If you are sick and tired of the rollercoaster of emotions you experience in life, or have realized that nothing in this world seems to satisfy the mysterious longing deep inside of you, or you realize repeating patterns of suffering seem to return again and again even after the most profound realizations or moments of awakening, this course provides you with potent, radical, and evolutionary support for directly realizing the lasting happiness of your true nature.

  • Two Week Long Retreats
  • Online Community
  • 24/7 Support Directly from Kosi
  • Online Satsangs for Ongoing Support
  • The Core Practices Essential for Liberation
  • Many Different Modalities to Support Your Spiritual Evolution

This is not, however, an empowerment workshop, self-improvement class, or psychotherapy. It is radical long-term support for complete liberation from fear, sadness, anxiety, rage, frustration, stress and many other forms of suffering. The teaching is infused with the omniscient power and grace of this very simple yet extremely potent teaching. This course is designed for students who are very serious about what is known as moksha, liberation, self-realization, and/or enlightenment. It requires the maturity and willingness to intimately examine the root causes of your suffering. This is not always a comfortable process, but it does support a radical shift in consciousness—your own authentic realization of stateless state of turiya—the unalloyed happiness of your true nature.


“Association with the unmanifest sat or absolute existence (is required) for self-realization. The sastras say that one must serve (be associated with) the unmanifest sat for twelve years in order to attain Self-realization, but as very few can do that, they have to take second best, which is association with the manifest sat, that is, the Guru.”


It takes time, resolve, perseverance, and the deep commitment essential for mastery. To complete the full course requires a ten to twelve year commitment. Naturally, we understand it can be difficult to make a twelve year commitment to anything, but to receive the full benefit of the Clear Way program, it is recommended that you make a commitment of at least one year. If you are unable to attend both of the week long retreats it is possible to attend either the fall or spring retreat and participate for one year in the online meetings. This gives you an opportunity to see for yourself if this teaching provides the kind of support that resonates with you. 

The Clear Way Mastery Course consists of two week long retreats in the spring and fall as well as the ongoing support of online online video satsangs and online community. The Clear Way is held in the sacred space of satsang, which is infused with the vast self-authenticating omniscience that supports your own fresh in the moment discovery of what is real, eternal, and always at peace within you. The core teaching is comprised of vipassanā meditation practice, vedic mantras, and self-inquiry or vichara all of which is a deep intimate inquiry into the pure happiness alive in the core of your being. In addition, many different modalities are utilized to support an evolutionary leap in your consciousness from the suffering of your mind to the indescribable happiness of your heart.

The annual tuition includes both the spring and fall retreats as well as all online video meetings, the support of an online community, and 24/7 support directly from Kosi. The tuition can either be paid in full or monthly by selecting the appropriate registration button below. If you want to join group of people who are committed to freedom and are deeply called to make difference in their lives and the lives of others, this program provides continuous long term support.


Fall Retreat 2019



SATURDAY,OCTOBER 19,2019,11:00 - FRIDAY,OCTOBER 25,2019,13:00

Note: Tuition does not cover, accommodations, food, or travel expenses.

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Monthly Tuition: 125CHF

Annual Tuition: 1495CHF
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One Retreat Option

You can register for one of the two annual retreats, but it still requires a one-year commitment with the support of online meetings.

Tuition: 795CHF


Spring Retreat 2020 (SUISSE)



SATURDAY,APRIL 11,2020,11:00 - FRIDAY,APRIL 17,2019,13:00

FALL Retreat 2020 (IRELAND)




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