Yoga of Light

Yoga of Light


Shame is not something that is comfortable to discuss. It is the hidden undercurrent or feeling that if anyone really knew you they would simply run away. Shame is a secret. It is the hidden belief that you are worthless, unlovable, and hopelessly flawed, but you can't quite put your finger on why this feeling never seems to completely go away—it just seems like this dark feeling has always been there lurking just below the facade that you are fine when deep down you know it simply isn’t true. It is a raw unsettling feeling that something is wrong even when your life seems generally okay.

If you are like most people you are simply use to this secret feeling and are just resigned to the generally icky feeling of shame. Naturally, you make the effort to consciously and unconsciously hide the hopelessly flawed secret of you so that maybe you will be somewhat acceptable. Like everyone else, you secretly struggle to fit in and even adopt certain behaviors and personas to hide your dark secret.

At this point in your life you know at least you’ll appear to be just like everyone else, but you know the hidden ugly truth. Perhaps, you are even accustom to experiencing the roller coaster of emotions that seems to be caused by the constantly changing circumstances of your life. But what if the events in your life don’t have much to do with whatever it is that you might be feeling? What if shame and the deep sense of self-hatred it generates isn’t at all what you might think it is?

As strange as it might seem shame and self-hatred and your struggle to hide this insidious feeling is actually the opposite of what you’ve always thought. Freedom from this often debilitating feeling lives in the willingness to authentically, openly, examine what it actually is instead of the limiting ideas that you’ve always tried to hide. It is a powerful and simple process that supports a radical shift in your consciousness.

The yoga of light retreat reveals the root causes of shame and self-hatred and lights the way to a direct experience of your natural happiness. Kosi’s no-nonsense, funny, radical, and unorthodox teaching combined with years of experience, is a profound transmission that supports a dramatic shift in your consciousness from the suffering nature of your mind to the profound peace and freedom of your heart.

Her direct, pragmatic, and very down to earth guidance is a breath of fresh air that supports real progress in your spiritual evolution. If you are tired of all the spiritual fluff that doesn't seem to help you achieve any sense of happiness or well being, this two day non-residential retreat will catapult you into the bliss of freedom alive within you.

This teaching is not at all casual and is not an empowerment workshop or psychotherapeutic therapy. It is a visceral transmission of light that supports a deep and intimate inquiry into your eternal nature—love, peace, and happiness beyond all ideas of love, peace, and happiness.

It might seem impossible to break free of the morass of shame in a single weekend, but this teaching is known as the fastest route to enlightenment—causeless unending joy.

It lives in your own direct experience beyond anything you might imagine.

Are your ready? Please join us for this life-changing event.

Tuition: $140 USD