What is Yoga?

We tend to think of yoga as exercise, but yoga is simply discovering that you are the freedom of the eternal Now. Read More


Satsang is an intimate meeting that ruthlessly points to the pure happiness that lives in the core of your being. Read More

Global Events

Kosi is offering satsang, retreats and programs around the world wherever she is invited. For more info see her full calendar.


Global Events

The satsangs, retreats and programs that Kosi is offering support the immediate discovery of the truth of your inherent nature. 

Awakening is a simple process, but it takes time and support to become fully liberated from the suffering nature of mind.

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Whether you are experiencing the heartbreak of loss, or depression, fear, anxiety, drug addiction or PTSD all of our programs offer support for ending all forms of suffering.

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Satsang with Kosi

Satsang is an intimate discovery of the living freedom that is alive in the core of your being. Kosi's teaching is a powerful transmission that is essential support for ending your own suffering.

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Online Meetings

Online meetings provide essential long-term support. You can participate in the live monthly webcast with Kosi and other online retreats and events from the support and convenience of your own home.

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